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About Our Toner

We are one of the top USA made compatible companies today. We operate under an environment of stringent quality control systems to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. We focus primarily on producing quality products, and we never sacrifice quality for price.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development team is second to none. Realizing the necessity for quality, we have built strong relationships with manufacturers. Quality begins with the components that are selected for each cartridge. We research and test every available drum and toner combination for yield, print density, and overall consistency, before rolling out any new products. Our decision of which component combination to release to market is truly based on our own test results. Our target is to meet or exceed the OEM cartridges. We may not always be the first to market, but you can rest assured only quality products leave our facility.

Quality Assurance

We operate under an environment of stringent quality control systems and procedure to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. All steps in the manufacturing process are scrutinized. From the virgin cores and manufacturing components coming in, to the final cartridge being shipped out of our facility; all are subject to a visual inspection, pre-testing, post testing and then bar coding. With these procedures and coding in place everything can be tracked. We can trace every cartridge from the vendor we purchased each component from, to the cell that created it. This creates accountability throughout the entire production process. The need for higher quality and more stringent guidelines within our industry, has led us not only to manufacture to OEM specifications, but also to become STMC Certified and use the ASTM test methods. For quality assurance we test daily, from our own shelves. We run cartridges through complete cycles. We post-test 100% of our cartridges before they are packaged.

Manufacturing Process

Prior to arriving on our production floor, Core Specialists inspect each virgin core. We support a cartridge building procedure based on the Toyota System of manufacturing. Our technicians are divided into “cells” or work groups of 3 to 5 trained employees. Each cell is responsible for the building of a cartridge from the beginning, through post testing. Cartridges are built using over 80% new replacement components in combination with durable non-wearing parts and a virgin core. Each employee undergoes 90 days of extensive training with our top techs before moving into a regular production cell. Training includes seminars, lectures, and hands on experience. The importance of quality is stressed repeatedly. All builders, even our most veteran techs participate in Friday afternoon training and refresher course sessions. After our Cartridges are post tested for print quality, they move on to packaging. The cartridge goes through another site inspection, prior to sealing the package. Great care and precaution goes into our boxing and shipping procedures.